Artistic process

SCOWCZA takes advantage of the eruption of computers, complementary of traditional techniques, in the field of fine arts, to investigate the chaotic and complex universe in which we are living, checking both similarities and antagonisms between natural shapes and human structures.
SCOWCZA's work mixes vectorial arrangements, painting, art installations and pictures from work sites.
Their digital engravings, initially printed by traditional plotters, then by large size ink jet printers, progressively replace Dominique's hand etchings : they enable her to associate Pierre's digital drawings, printed on large pieces of paper or canvas, and her own painting works, more colourful and gestual.
Human beings are the major subject of their compositions, the way they are represented being either minimalist, using simple geometric structures that constitute their mark, or caricatural, using numerical small guys that have been called Scowczis, and who also exist through art installations.
In front of SCOWCZA's works, spectators are surprised and galvanized by an unusual and cataclysmic art. They discover not only a singular expression of internal fractures of our societies, and of the brittleness of our human structures, but also of the human energy that is necessary to endlessly rebuild.

Vector Art

According to SCOWCZA, Vector Art basically lies on the vector concept, the meanings of which are plenty :

-geometrically, a vector is a line segment, and can accordingly be considered as the generic element of computer drawings ;

-for software developers, vectors are elements that series of numbers can totally describe, and that the assembly of which is the final drawing ;

-for conceptual artists, a vector is a sign, that contributes to transmitting ideas they wish to share.

SCOWCZA's specific work lies on the permanent development of a vector art software, exclusively dedicated to graphic researches.
We try to interlink specific drawing signs, that are lines-assemblies of segments, and specific painting signs, based on gesture and surface : adventurous journey along translucent frontiers that separate geometry from gesture, strictness from intuition, rationality from irrationality.


Why do we say "Fract'Art"?...

Because the word is divided.

Because our societies are fractured.

Because shapes we find in nature look like multifractals.

Because art is the cohesion
that prevents our world from collapse.

Beyond these ideas of fracturing and chaos, but hope nevertheless, that our present world inspires, "Fract'Art" explicits as well, may be even better, the basic principles of this Vector Art that we do stand up for, and that is at the same time :
-a fraction art, since a computer cannot make a drawing without breaking it into small elements (geometrical vectors),
-a multifractal art, since on the other side it is with computers feasible to make each of these elements more complex, possibly transforming a line into something intermediate between a line and a surface, or even a volume.


Individuals or multitude ?...

Should one only consider these replete persons, with grotesque attitudes, captive within complex structures they built themselves before, just as a representation of these cynic creatures that Nietzsche called "last humans" ?

Or rather as the hopeless claim of a lost paradise, where happiness of some would not necessarily result from others' misfortune ?