Some of our works may be purchased for sale or for rental in galleries below :

Cycles of chaos

The sudden stop of all activities during the confinement period made us more aware than ever of the extreme brittlness of our societies, and of their constructions.
This series of 15 clip-frame paintings express the cyclic character of such unforeseeable collapses, that should accordingly be rather considered as opportunities to start again and build.
Explosive mixture made of the implosion of digital structures that govern everything, the tearing of posters, as a symbol of plethoric informations that are so fragmented that we just memorize some isolated words, and pictures from jobsites that express energy, that is necessary to carry on building without despondence...

Sous-verre 201 0,63m x 0,84m
Sous-verre 202 0,63m x 0,84m
Sous-verre 204 0,68m x 1,13m
Sous-verre 205 0,73m x 0,94m
Sous-verre 206 0,95m x 0,95m
Sous-verre 211 0,83m x 0,84m
Sous-verre 209 1,34m x 0,80m
Sous-verre 213 1,54m x 0,64m
Sous-verre 214 1,54m x 0,64m
Sous-verre 215 1,54m x 0,55m


These series of small 20cm x 20cm frames are just abstract comics, that relate the return of these complex structures that we have created towards this confused state that is just called chaos.

Assemblage 202 1m x 1m
Assemblage 203 0,75m x 0,75m
Assemblage 204 0,5m x 0,5m


Mycélium abyssal 0,31m x 0,25m
Structures végétales 0,31m x 0,25m

A few works are also available on Artsper :

Sous-verre 0,83m x 0,84m
Tableau 1,3m x 1,3m
Sous plexi 0,93m x 1,43m
Sous-verre 1,04m x 1,28m
Tableau 1,3m x 0,97m

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