From Pierre SChmitt, engineer, and Dominique OWCZArski, contemporary artist : association of opposite personalities, united for the best, that is merging fine and digital arts.

Authors of the Vector Art Manifesto, published in Tangente magazine, we do not use computers just to get nice pictures. Neither do we use them to generate random or interactive processes, nor do we try to promote artificial intelligence.

We only use their power, the limits of which are exceeded everyday, to equally extend the limits of drawings, from extreme simplicity to infinite complexity.

Thus creating numerical edgings through specific software, and integrating them to more traditional fine arts, we are only trying to develop new pictures, and reveal new aspects of the way we perceive our surrounding world.

SCOWCZA's short history

Nuit Blanche 2019 / Médiathèque de Rueil-Malmaison

Passionate about cartoons and ink drawings, Pierre decided one fine day to improve his technique and take engraving lessons : this came to a sudden end, since he married his teacher, who was Dominique, but they decided then to develop together the first vector art software only dedicated to an individual process of artistic creation.
First applications were exhibited in 1988, as part of the computer art session performed by Dominique within the "Figuration Critique" movement.

In addition to their exhibitions in Parisian galleries and cultural events, more especially dealing with art and mathematics thematics, they try to explicit their technical process through articles and lectures : identified in 2011 in the Contemporary Art overview established by "l'Oeil Neuf", they publish in 2012 the Vector Art manifesto in the Tangente magazine, in which they collaborate very regularly, and organize in 2017 a great retrospective in "l'Atelier Grognard", prestigious 640 m2 exhibition center of Rueil-Malmaison city.
In 2011 they are selected to achieve the "Wall of ethics" in Paris Dauphine University, and organize visual shows during all their exhibitions, mixing art installations and digital projections over large size paintings, for the first time in 2011 within the head office of the Dassault Systèmes company, and more recently in 2019 within the Rueil-Malmaison multimedia library during "Nuit Blanche" events.

A few references :

First exhibition of a vectorial animated painting
Expression Libre Gallery/ Paris / 2010
Recognition of Vector Art in the contemporary art panorama / L'Oeil Neuf / 2011
"Ethical wall" / Paris Dauphine University / 2011
Publication of the Vector Art manifesto / "Tangente" magazine / 2012
Illustration of the "Vectors" chapter of final year mathematics textbook/ Nathan editions 2012
"Vectorial Cow" / Valenciennes / Cow-Parade 2013
"Arts and mathematics" exhibition/ Notre-Dame-des-Champs church
Arts et Métiers Museum / 2017
Vector Art retrospective / Atelier Grognard / Rueil-Malmaison / 2017
Vector Art retrospective / Atelier Grognard / Rueil-Malmaison / 2017
Initiation of school pupils into Vector Art
Collaborative project with Hauts-de-Seine Academic General Inspectorate / 2017
Vectorial movies and mathrock / Atelier Grognard / 2017
Collaborative paintings with Atelier Grognard audience
Culture celebration day / 2017
Illustrations of the Tangente magazine special edition dedicated to vectors / 2018
Purchase of a Scowcza diptych by the Rueil-Malmaison regional conservatory / 2019
Vectorial animation and ballet / "Nuit Blanche" 2019