Why do we say "Fract'Art" ?...

Because the word is divided.

Because our societies are fractured.

Because shapes we find in nature look like multifractals.

Because art is the cohesion
that prevents our world from collapse.

Beyond these ideas of fracturing and chaos, but hope nevertheless, that our present world inspires, "Fract'Art" explicits as well, may be even better, the basic principles of this Vector Art that we do stand up for, and that is at the same time :
-a fraction art, since a computer cannot make a drawing without breaking it into small elements (geometrical vectors),
-a multifractal art, since on the other side it is with computers feasible to make each of these elements more complex, possibly transforming a line into something intermediate between a line and a surface, or even a volume.

Fract'Art : Fraction art (*) or Multifractal art (**) ?

(*) : "Units that arithmetic uses to constitute numbers are temporary units, apt to break up indefinitely, and each of them is a sum of fractional quantities, so small and so numerous as you may imagine.", Henri Bergson, Essai sur les données immédiates de la conscience, 1888

(**) : "A drawing may be more generally defined as a line each element of which is itself a drawing. This creative process covers the very specific case of drawings that include themselves, that is fractal drawings : this is the reason why vector art may really be considered as a "multifractal art".", Scowcza, Vector Art Manifesto, Tangente, n°144, 2012